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Collection 1:

Tracks 1-5

"Jesus Saves, But Buddha Keeps Foods Fresher Longer" 1995

Recorded and Produced by Andrew Lackey

Tracks 6-11

"Live At His Fellowship Church"  1995

Recorded and Produced by Johnny Void

Collection 2:

Tracks 1-10

"Living Dead" 1995

Recorded and Produced by Bobby Croft

Tracks 11-23

"3 Day War" 1996

Recorded and Produced by Ben Herlinger

Live At The Gator Pub

Recorded June 3, 1995

Produced by Johnny Void

Collection 3:

Tracks 1-4

"Throat Oyster" 1994

Recorded and Produced by Johnny Void

Tracks 5-6

"Living Dead" Outtakes 1995

Tracks 7-11

"3 Day War" Outtakes 1996

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Johnny Void and The Others

Song: "What I Say Is Cool"

From: Collection 2

"What I Say is Cool" is an exciting release from the vault of Florida based punk rockers, Johnny Void and The Others. With the lineup of Johnny Void (guitar/vox), Michael Blackford (bass), and Jason Burrows (drums), the band recorded this track in January 1996 at L N G Studios in Merrit Island, FL. This track wastes no time in getting down to business, immediately hitting the listener with the full force of distorted guitar, frenetic drumming and a screaming, guttural vocal delivery through the verse, before landing on the more melodic titular hook of "What I say is cool." A quick modulation serves as a bridge, before returning to the main riff and finishing out this brief but wild ride. Punk rock aficionados should be on the lookout for not one, but two musical anthologies from Johnny Void and The Others, released on Rakka Rakka Records.
Great energy, very much in the anarchic spirit of punk, both musically and lyrically.  The musicianship is quite good, especially considering the ages of the artists at the time of the recording. Nice contrast between the screaming verse and the sung chorus, I've always appreciated that device in this genre. Clever little bridge, does well to break things up. Finally, I liked the ritard at the end. It adds a feeling of release, gives it a little added drama. Very solid track!

Reviewed by Steven Azami  

X-Ray Youth

Song: "What Happened To You?"

From: The Shift

Kicking in the front door with a fully fuzzed-out Punk Rock sound, X-Ray Youth calls out from the not-too-distant past to ask, "What Happened to You?"!  Heavy impacts herald the start of the brief and blistering ride, each chord landing like a powerhouse punch before the progression takes off at breakneck speed - instrumentally evoking the heart and soul of a young and infectiously enthusiastic Punk Rock trio beneath a coolly collected vocal performance from front man Johnny Void.
Musically speaking, X-Ray Youth managed to capture a pivotal Punk Rock feel during a rapidly transitional time in their own lives - and it's evident.  Blending the passionate distortion and raw energy of their high-strung instrumental work with a heartfelt but not overblown vocal delivery mirrors well the sense of dissipating youth and accumulating responsibility of oncoming adulthood - artfully allowing Derrick Haggerty's rapid-fire drums and Ryan Johansen's foundational bass work to support and not obstruct the song's then-prescient lyrical content.  In a moment of immortalized defiance, the same mind that produced the track's comparably composed vocal qualities unleashes a frantic, frenetic guitar solo with enough color and conviction to leave a life-long impression!
Captured in the distant dimension of 1998 and remastered in 2020, "What Happened to You?" offers listeners an authentic, ageless slice of instrumental enthusiasm imbued with the perspective of one who knows what's coming and can't seem to stop it.  Fans of the greater Punk Rock canon will find X-Ray Youth's brief body of work to be a brilliant piece of the puzzle, bridging the gap between prototypical Punk and the more commercially polished Pop Punk sound with ineffable sincerity and a heart of pure sonic gold. - Jon W.

Reviewed by Jon Wright 


Song: "Track Three"



Dropped from dizzy heights through Rakka Rakka Records, Dethhaus stomp on the mic and let it rip handsomely with their latest single simply called ‘Track Three‘.

Dethhaus is daringly eye-piercing instrumental band consisting of Johnny Void from X-Ray Youth (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and Justin Welch from Elastica (drums). This impressive work of art was produced and mostly recorded in Room 101 in Central Florida, as well as also being recorded in windy England, UK.

This is a fast-paced and thundering storm of a splashing single that has your awakened eyes wide and your awaiting body shaking in anticipation for more to come. The distorted cacophonous melody has you feeling fully awake and without needing that coffee boost, as the electrifying energy is one that you can’t easily forget.

‘Track Three‘ from the deafeningly exciting Florida/England instrumental duo Dethhaus, rampages excitedly into your scared ears like a buzz saw on your fragile hair – as the ferociously intoxicating sounds somehow has you so thrilled – and a bit anxious at the same time. This is the perfect kind of video game music or from a dramatic scene from a movie. They are both seriously talented artists and provide us with a lovely mixture of crashing sound waves, to get you uplifted for the days events.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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