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Collection 2

"Living Dead"

1. Holy Holy

2. Anarchy

3. Brainwashed

4. Yuppie Girl

5. Here*

6. Nodding Out

7. Run Away

8. Mentally Ill**

9. Leave Me Alone

10. Therapy

Johnny Void: Vox-Guitar

Jasen "Igmo" Stanfield: Bass

Chris Novak: Bass*

Bobby Croft: Bass**

David "FuzzNuts" Stevens: Drums-Vox

Recorded Aug, 1995

Produced by Bobby Croft

at Grey Area Studios

Umatilla, Fl.

"3 Day War"

11. What I say Is Cool

12. 3 Day War

13. Hypocrite

14. Blown Away

15. My Apologies

16. Muzak

17. Go Home

18. Pop Song

19. Ground

20. Gonna Find Out

21. Untitled

22. She Says

23. All The Things I Hear Are All The Things I Will Ignore

Johnny Void: Vox-Guitar

Michael Blackford: Bass

Jason Burrows: Drums

Recorded Jan, 1996

Produced by Ben Herlinger

at L N G Studios

Merritt Island, Fl.

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