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How It All Began!

In March of 1996, a side project was created that would change Florida music forever. What began as an outlet for BentMother Records artists (Void, Mothersmile, and Rhonda Barczak from the Spitflys) to create faceless music and collaborate with fellow label mates, The Green Goblyn Project went on to be much more. Through the years and many lineup changes, The Green Goblyn Project has become a cornerstone in the Florida Horror Punk scene. Rakka Rakka is proud to present three of the first Green Goblyn Project recordings on “The Dueling Johnnys EP”! Not since the original “Dueling Johnnys” was released in 1997 has anyone heard how it all began!

Green Goblyn_edited-1.jpg
The Green Goblyn Project: Artists
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